Fundraising Opportunities

FundraisingConsider renting the Miss Avalon for one of your fundraising opportunities.

We offer you some of the best fundraising opportunities, with the availability to rent us out at a very low rate and resell tickets to your event in order to make money for your business or organization. With Miss Avalons fundraising opportunities you can easily raise thousands for your organization in just 2 short hours. Previous customers who have taken advantage of this offer from Miss Avalon have raised a ton of money through using our services, we provide you with the on the water venue and deck hands to help the event or party run smoothly, and you or your business provides the catering and entertainment!

  • $900.00 + 15% Gratuity for Deck Hands
  • Maximum 95 People
  • Bring Your Own Food
  • Bring Your Own Beverages
  • Add Auction Items and Raffles for Additional Revenue!
  • Get Sponsors to Cover Your Food and Drink!

Fundraising Examples:

The chart below assumes the cost of tickets and 15% gratuity.
Sell 90 Tickets at $40.00 Each = $2,565.00
Sell 90 Tickets at $50.00 Each = $3,465.00
Sell 90 Tickets at $75.00 Each = $5,715.00

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